From the President:

president image

Hi folks

I would like to thank you for selecting me as your Texas State President. I look forward to leading Texas in staying the largest AFA state organization in the USA. Our almost 10,000 members help keep our Air Force strong and vibrant. My basic leadership philosophy coincides with what I managed and taught in many years in NCO Professional Leadership Courses. I always emphasized the two major functions of a leader. One, Accomplish the Mission. We do that in the chapters daily. Second, Take of the Troops.

It is vital we recognize the hard work our volunteer members do for this organization. Recognition doesn’t always need to be a big State or National Award. Something as small as a public thank you works wonders. I will add a third function and that is communication. I am a firm believer in strong communication. ALL members of AFA Texas are going to hear from me on an ongoing basis. Again thank you for this opportunity to serve you and AFA Texas.