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National Awards2017-04-15The last date that for award package acceptance will be 3/30/17. Military and State nominations are also due at the beginning of April.
Summer Convention - Greenville2017-08-044-6 August Best Western - More to follow
The National AFA Convention 2017-09-1616-17 September : Make plans to attend if you can.
Fall Executive Meeting 2017-10-28October virtual meeting - date/time TBD
Earle North Parker Contest2018-01-29The topic for this year, “Non-commissioned pilots: Historically, who did, and now who does/could pilot Air Force aircraft?” is relevant to our Air Forces past, current operations, and the future. Essays are due to state NLT 29 Jan 2018. Must have them by then please. Provides time to get them judged, etc.ENP2017-18 Letter to Chap Pres.pdfTX ENP 2017-18 Entry Form Enl Pilot.docTX ENP 2017-18 Entry Form Enl Pilot.pdf
Summer Convention2018-03-16Hosted by Donelly in Wichita Falls - More information forthcoming.
Spring Executive Meeting2018-03-1616-18 March. Hosted by Aggieland - More information forthcoming